Social Impact at Kellogg 

How it Works

Social Impact Loan Assistance Awards are provided to selected awardees to help substantially and quickly (over two years) pay down a significant portion of the Kellogg student debt of graduating students who are planning to work in the social impact space. Students can be pursuing their social impact venture as an entrepreneur full-time OR be going to work for a social impact organization, social enterprise, or nonprofit.  Awardees will be required to provide evidence that funds have been applied to loans and that they continue to work full-time in their chosen field. 

Note: students with family loans are not eligible to apply, and all loans must be certified by the Kellogg Financial Aid office. This is a highly-selective award with a vigorous consideration process and these awards are not guaranteed to be awarded each year 

Please note that preference will be given to applicants with significant Kellogg need-based loan debt. The Social Impact Awards selection committee will work with the Kellogg Financial Aid team to determine financial need, only upon receiving consent from the student applicant.

The Social Impact Loan Assistance Awards are separate from the Collins Family Loan Assistance Program (LAP), and from the Kellogg Social Entrepreneurship Award. Students who are eligible can apply for all 3 awards, and each award has a seperate application process. Please review the post-graduation awards page on the Social Impact website for more details.


Round 1 Applications:

  • Completed applications due by 11:59 PM CST 1/12/2019
  • Thirty (30) minute interviews will occur in January.

Round 2 Applications:

  • A second round of applications will be opened in March or April. We strongly encourage you to apply during the first round, as it will allow you to have greater financial clarity as you pursue your job search.

Social Impact at Kellogg 

Kellogg’s Youn Impact Scholars are an elite group of Kellogg students and alumni who are passionate about social impact. Highly regarded for their intellect, passion and drive, these innovators draw upon their business skills to create positive change in the world. When one is named a Youn Impact Scholar, the honor does not include an award. It is, rather, a prized membership in a select community of alumni who connect, convene, inspire, and collaborate. The group began in 2014 and now includes almost 60 alumni members.

Each year we select five alumni and five graduating students. You could very well be one of them. Refer to the list of current Scholars for examples and inspiration, then fill out the form below. To be eligible, you must either be a Kellogg alumnus or a student graduating Kellogg by December of 2020. You may have been nominated, or you might be applying independently. All applications will be considered and reviewed by a committee of active Youn Impact Scholars and Kellogg social impact stakeholders.

 Applications are due by midnight on 1/12/20.