Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor and/or first round judge for the Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge! This short survey serves as the application for both mentors and judges. The qualifications for both roles overlap, and we find that many professionals are most satisfied when they both cultivate and evaluate, so we encourage to sign up for both!

  • If you would like to learn more about mentoring a student team, click here.
  • If you would like to learn more about judging the first round of the competition, click here.

Your support helps make the competition possible, enriches the experience of the students, and contributes to the development of the field. We look forward to reviewing your information and will be in touch with more details if you are a fit for this year's program.

Northwestern | Kellogg 

This application is used to apply for Kellogg's summer funding opportunities related to social impact, entrepreneurship, and growth and scaling.

Stipend funding is available to first year students enrolled in a full-time Kellogg MBA program over the summer (some exceptions are made for evening/weekend students pursuing social impact). Students can only apply for funding from one stipend program and should choose the program whose criteria most closely aligns with their internship. Please review the eligibility criteria below to ensure you select the correct stipend program in your application. 

If you do qualify for a social impact, entrepreneurship, or growth stage stipend, participating in those programs increases the likelihood of future access to funding.

Social Impact Summer Internship Stipend:

Enables students to gain experience in impact roles that might not otherwise be financially feasible. Eligible roles include internships at nonprofits, social enterprises, public sector/govt., and social impact roles in traditional for-profit companies.

Social Impact Summer Startup Stipend:

Enables students to pursue social entrepreneurship full time over the summer. Eligible students are social entrepreneurs committed to working full time on an approved impact venture over the summer.

KIEI Growth Stage Internship Stipend Program:

Enables students to get hands-on experience in a “Growth Stage” company - business that has found product-market fit and is committed to building enterprise value. Eligible companies have annual revenues ranging from $3M-$200M. 

KIEI Summer Startup Stipend (APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED FOR 2021)

Enables students who have validated business concepts to work on their own ventures over the summer. Eligible students are committed to working on their venture full-time over the summer in lieu of an internship; are involved with KIEI/entrepreneurial activities at Kellogg, and have demonstrated traction with their venture. 

Kellogg Entrepreneurship Internship Program (KEIP)

Enables students to get hands-on experience at a startup to “test” entrepreneurship, or gain relevant experience to launch their own company. To be eligible, the startup must have 150 or less employees and $50M or less in annual revenues. VC firms and incubators are also eligible.